US News: Immigration Wars 2.0: Trump’s Allies Wary as Family Separation Policy Resurfaces

As Donald Trump eyes a potential return to the White House, his vow to escalate immigration crackdowns, including the controversial family separation policy, sparks concern among former officials. The 2018 “zero tolerance” approach faced public backlash for separating children from parents, prompting allies to tread cautiously. In the 2024 campaign, Trump emphasizes border security, but allies fear chaos and public outcry over family separations. Tom Homan suggests a different path, proposing residential centers for families’ joint hearings.

Trump defends family separations, claiming they deterred migrants, a stance challenged by civil rights activists. The Biden administration grapples with rising border crossings, and Trump aims to resurrect hardline policies. Legal constraints limit family detention to 20 days, prompting discussions on alternatives.

As Trump’s immigration stance takes center stage in 2024, the Biden campaign highlights the unpopularity of family separations. Activists stand ready for legal battles, citing a settlement barring similar actions for eight years. Former officials like Chad Wolf and Mark Morgan acknowledge public resistance and propose revisiting the 2019 “remain in Mexico” policy.

In summary, Trump’s potential return raises fears of reviving family separations. Legal hurdles and public opposition fuel discussions on alternative immigration approaches, adding complexity to the political landscape.

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