Indian Expat Strikes Gold: Rajeev Arikkatt Wins 15 Million Dirhams in UAE Lottery Surprise

Abu Dhabi: Indian immigrant resident Rajeev Arikkatt, residing in the UAE, won a staggering 15 million dirhams (approximately Rs 33 Crore) in the Big Ticket Abu Dhabi weekly draw.

The unexpected victory came with a free ticket featuring his children’s birthdays. Employed by an architectural company, Rajeev, who has participated for three years, now plans to equally share his winnings with 19 others.

This marked his first lottery win despite narrowly missing out on Dh 1 million two months prior. Expressing shock and gratitude, Rajeev appreciated the special offer that gave him free tickets, and he intends to distribute the prize among a group with simple backgrounds, including office assistants and workers with monthly salaries ranging from Dh 1,000 to Dh 1,500.

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