Gruesome New Hampshire Case: Father Accused of Assaulting and Dismembering 5-Year-Old Daughter

In a horrifying case from New Hampshire, an American man, Adam Montgomery, stands accused of brutally assaulting and ultimately causing the death of his 5-year-old daughter, Harmony. Prosecutors revealed that Montgomery went to shocking lengths after the tragic incident.

Allegedly, Montgomery not only beat Harmony to death but also dismembered her body. He reportedly carried her chopped body parts in a tote bag to his workplace, a restaurant where he served as a cook and dishwasher. Prosecutors claim that he callously stored the decomposing body alongside food items in the restaurant’s freezer during his shifts.

According to court testimonies, Harmony had been missing since 2019, but the police only became aware of the horrifying details two years later. Montgomery’s estranged wife, Kayla Montgomery, informed authorities that Adam had violently attacked Harmony after she had two bathroom accidents in the family car. The family had been living in their vehicle following an eviction from their home.

During the incident, Adam allegedly punched Harmony multiple times, and the helpless girl cried in the backseat while he continued driving, had a meal, and consumed drugs. Tragically, the couple only discovered Harmony’s lifeless body hours later when their car broke down.

The prosecutors detailed a disturbing sequence of events, revealing that Adam went to great lengths to conceal his heinous act. He hid Harmony’s remains in various locations, including a friend’s car trunk, a cooler in his mother-in-law’s house, a freezer, and even a ceiling vent in a homeless shelter.

In an attempt to dispose of the body, Montgomery purchased a saw and blades, renting a moving truck, believing that avoiding the discovery of the body would secure his escape. Currently serving a 30-year jail term on weapons charges, Montgomery had pleaded not guilty in 2022 to charges including killing his daughter, abuse of the dead body, assault, and witness tampering. He also accused his wife of lying to protect herself. Kayla Montgomery is serving an 18-month jail term for lying under oath.

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