Outbreak Alert: Nerebenchi Village Battles Widespread Viral Fever Scare

Koppal: In a concerning turn of events, Nerebenchi village in Kushtagi taluk has been grappling with a widespread viral fever outbreak for the past 15 days, with at least one person in each household affected. The situation has prompted authorities to set up a temporary health center at a local temple to address the escalating health crisis.

Residents suffering from the fever are reporting not only high temperatures but also severe joint and muscle pain. Medical interventions, including the administration of drips, have been initiated, and two patients have been shifted to the Kushtagi taluka hospital. One patient has tested positive for dengue, adding an additional layer of concern to the health emergency.

District Health Officer Dr. Lingaraju, in a statement to hubliexpress, confirmed that a significant number of villagers are experiencing symptoms of viral fever, with 111 reported cases so far. He reassured the public that health authorities are actively conducting fever surveys, implementing fogging measures, and taking proactive steps to curb the spread of the fever. The primary focus remains on providing medical care to those affected and preventing further escalation of the health crisis in Nerebenchi village four teams are deployed to treat the patients, he said.

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