Family Devastated as 16-Year-Old Succumbs to Brain Blood Clot – Pill Connection Probed

In a tragic incident in London, Layla Khan, a 16-year-old aspiring Oxford student, has passed away due to a brain blood clot, allegedly linked to taking contraceptive pills to alleviate severe menstrual pain. Despite not being prescribed by a doctor, Layla, suffering from debilitating menstrual cycles, began taking contraceptive pills on friends’ advice to relieve her symptoms.

Just three months into her college course and already seen as a potential Oxford candidate by teachers, Layla’s health deteriorated rapidly after starting the pills on November 25. By December 5, she experienced headaches, followed by vomiting later in the week. Seeking medical advice online through the 111 NHS helpline, Layla’s mother was told there were ‘no red flags,’ and she could visit a clinic the next morning.

With no alarms raised, no comprehensive medical history taken, and no tests advised, Layla’s condition worsened. On Monday evening, she screamed in pain and collapsed at home. Rushed to the hospital, a CT scan revealed a blood clot in her brain. Transferred to a specialized hospital, Layla underwent an emergency operation, but tragically, her life could not be saved. The circumstances surrounding the incident raise concerns about the online medical consultation process and the need for comprehensive health assessments.

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