Dharwad: Vidyagiri Police Nab Gang Targetting Couples Romancing on the Outskirts

Dharwad: The Vidyagiri police have successfully resolved an intriguing and challenging case, not only solving a robbery incident but also uncovering a series of robberies committed by a group.

This group primarily used to target couples who would spend private moments on the outskirts of the city. Recently, the gang attacked a couple in their car near IIIT. The trio confronted the car, threatened the couple who were in the intimate position, and forcibly snatched the boyfriend’s gold chain.

The courageous boyfriend promptly reported the incident to the Vidyagiri police, leading to an intensive search by Inspector Sangamesh Didaginal and his team. Three members of the gang have been apprehended in connection with the crimes.

The arrested individuals are identified as Nagaraj, also known as Ramu Kaneshwar, aged 35; Babajan Aminsab Mujawar, aged 32, a hockey player; and Vishal Prakash Bhajantri, aged 19. All of them reside in Gangadhar Nagar, a settlement area in Hubballi.

According to department sources, the gang primarily targeted couples or individuals engaged in clandestine affairs, spending private moments in isolated locations. Many victims chose not to report the robberies to the police, fearing embarrassment and damage to their reputation.

The police revealed that the notorious criminals did not hesitate to snatch chains, often targeting women busy drawing Rangoli in front of their houses early in the morning. They also targeted individuals traveling alone in vehicles. The gang, known for its notoriety, would even resort to violence to obtain money or valuables.

With the arrest of the accused, the Vidyagiri police have successfully solved six robbery cases, including two in Dharwad rural areas, one on Gokul Road, and another in Old Hubballi. Additionally, a case reported at the Vidyagiri police station has been resolved.

During the arrest, the police seized approximately 110 grams of gold ornaments valued at Rs 7.58 lakh, a bike used in the commission of the crimes, and two mobile phones.

Police Commissioner Renuka Sukumar has congratulated Inspector Didiginal and his team for solving the case.


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