Titan Unveils India’s First Smart Watch with a Groundbreaking Feature You’ve Never Seen Before!

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Bengaluru: Get set to embark on an extraordinary journey of fitness and innovation, as Titan Smart Wearables (Titan Smart Watch) unveils its ground-breaking marvel: The Titan Traveller. Set to revolutionize the running experience and fitness of Indian consumers, the smartwatch promises to empower modern-day running enthusiasts, enabling them to elevate their training and performance. A convergence of fitness and technology, Titan Traveller is designed for the dynamic urban professional, marathon enthusiast, providing the answer to the challenges of our time, where balancing work, family, and personal fitness goals has never been more demanding.

Introducing the first-of-a-kind feature in India that seamlessly bridges the physical and virtual domains, “Run with Titan FitVerse” is a game-changer, redefining the running experience and catapulting you to the pinnacle of your physical performance. The feature empowers you to compete with your own limits and continually challenge yourself, resulting in an elevated running experience that marks a transformative chapter in the world of fitness. One can even choose a virtual avatar of their choice within the Titan Smart World App. Running alongside this digital counterpart, you experience a unique interaction with the virtual world, creating an exciting fitness experience. This innovative feature blurs the lines between the real and virtual worlds, making it an unrivalled addition to the fitness landscape.

Equipped with capabilities to enhance the fitness journey of the Indian consumers, the smartwatch comes with built-in running courses spanning from six-minute introductory runs to the twenty-nine minutes transformative running experience, ensuring there is something of value for users across age groups. The default selection comprises six running courses with varying durations, including variety of training modes with a combination of running and walking. The smartwatch feature trains your body to achieve the fitness goal with different in build courses in Primary, Medium and Advance mode for both easy and professional running and training activities.

True to Titan Smart Wearables’ philosophy, Titan Traveller is defined by the fusion of precision and personalization. Whether one is looking to kickstart their fitness journey or an advanced enthusiast seeking to challenge oneself, Titan Traveller has you covered.

The integration of cutting-edge GPS tracking ensures accurate monitoring of your progress, while real-time voice prompts guide you through every stride. Moreover, the system does not just focus on the run itself; it also pays attention to your well-being via VO2 max and round the clock heart rate monitoring, alerting you, if you stray from the recommended range and providing post-run stretches through animations. Recognizing the importance of post-workout recovery time, Titan Traveller provides these crucial insights to help you plan your next workout session. These novel and dynamic capabilities set the Titan Traveller apart as a one-of-a kind device in the premium wearables segment.

This AMOLED Smartwatch places crucial information at your very fingertips. With advanced features such as Goal Setting, Built-in GPS, 24×7 Health Monitoring, SingleSync BT Calling and Alexa adding convenience to daily interactions. Titan Traveller not only takes your fitness journey to new heights, but ensures those sneakers are laced up with no more excuses.

The smartwatch is equipped with state-of-the-art Ambient Noise tracking, Stress Measurement and SpO2 tracking. The device is ideal for delivering health insights with an unparalleled level of accuracy, shaping the core of well-being assessment.

Strava connect combines exercise tracking with social networking features, which enables you to track your fitness stats and exploring the data in detail. Compatible with a continually growing list of popular devices, including GPS watches, smartwatches, and cycling computers, the feature allows users to sync workouts, share achievements, and connect with fellow fitness enthusiasts through Strava’s robust platform.

Amid the hectic schedule of a professionals’ daily routine, attributes like event reminders, multi-sport mode, and a music storage capacity of over 100 songs, helps you stay consistent and elevates your fitness journey to new heights. Furthermore, the industry-first quick reply feature offers a novel shift by extending its reach to social apps like SMS, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and FB Messenger, transforming your communication experience. Connected with your phone’s Messaging App, it allows you to share personalized, in-built messages stored within the smartwatch, directly from your wrist, setting a new benchmark for connected convenience.

Ravi Kuppuraj, Chief Operating Officer, Wearables Division, Titan Company limited, said“At Titan, we are driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation through continuous research and development. With Titan Traveller, we are taking the first step towards introducing extraordinary innovations that will transform the way our consumers experience wellness and fitness through premium wearable technology. Features like FitVerse and Running Courses are just the beginning of what we have in store. We are determined to push boundaries and set new standards in the industry, all with the aim of enhancing the lives of our valued consumers.”

In a world where time is a luxury and fitness is a necessity, Titan Traveller’s partnership with ASICS, a global leader in athletic footwear, apparel and accessories becomes a game-changer. With each Titan Traveller purchase, customers receive an exclusive 10% discount on ASICS products – an offer that resonates with modern fitness enthusiasts seeking an extra edge in their journey.
Talking about the collaboration, Mr. Rajat Khurana, Managing Director, ASICS India and South Asia said, “In today’s advanced era of innovative technology, people are living and sustaining in a fast-paced environment where prioritizing health and fitness is imperative. ASICS founding philosophy ‘Sound Mind, Sound Body’ and Titan’s ideology to craft Titan Traveller aligns seamlessly with our shared commitment to empower individuals in their pursuit of fitness goals. It serves as an essential companion for those tackling the demands of modern living and maintaining a perfect balance between mental and physical well-being.”
Titan Traveller will be available for INR 12,995 at all Titan stores across the country and online at www.titan.co.in from 10th November, 2023.

About Titan Smart Wearables

Titan Smart Wearables is a pioneering force in the world of smartwatches, with a commitment to crafting smart wearables that redefine personal style and enhance well-being. Since 2016, Titan Smart has consistently pushed the boundaries of technology and fashion, setting new standards for a holistic lifestyle. As a leading centre of excellence, Titan Smart has developed wearables that celebrate creativity and functionality, elevating one’s style with cutting-edge technology while nurturing well-being. Whether it’s the sleek sophistication of minimalist designs or the audacious allure of bold statements, the collection invites oneself to indulge in a realm where your personal style embodies impeccable taste and distinction. Titan Smart is dedicated to merging technology with personal expression, creating a new era of smart wearables for mindful living.


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