Plan Your Commute: Dharwad CBT Got a New Address

Dharwad: The Hubli-Dharwad City Transport Division of the North Western Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (NWKRTC) announces the temporary relocation of city buses operating from the Central Bus Terminal (CBT) starting February 14. This move is necessitated by the commencement of construction work on the new city bus stand, aimed at enhancing the city’s transportation infrastructure.

To facilitate the construction of the state-of-the-art city bus stand at the existing CBT site and improve the overall transport system, all bus services from CBT will be temporarily suspended from Wednesday, February 14. The officials of the transport corporation and the police department have conducted a joint site inspection, identifying temporary locations for the relocated bus services.

Starting from the morning of February 14, buses initially operating from CBT will be temporarily shifted to the area near the LEA Canteen and behind Kittle College.

Bus routes from LEA Canteen include:

  • Ettina Gudda
  • Krishi Vishwavidyalaya
  • Pavate Nagar
  • Banashree Nagar
  • Kengeri Anjaneya Nagar
  • Guru Nagar
  • New Boys Hostel
  • Chaitanya Nagar
  • Vinayak Nagar
  • Sai Nagar
  • Shivagiri Sampige Nagar
  • Radhakrishna Nagar
  • JSS School
  • Bendre Nagar
  • High Court
  • Kayak Nagar
  • Shirdi Nagar
  • IIT

Bus routes from behind Kittle College include:

  • Dharwad Railway Station
  • Jog Yalllapura
  • Rajiv Gandhi Nagar
  • Sangolli Rayanna Nagar
  • Manjunatha Colony
  • Chinmaya Colony
  • Lohia Nagar
  • Tejaswini Nagar
  • Saraswatipura
  • Someshwara Temple
  • Sri Ram Nagar
  • Kalyan Nagar
  • Hanuman Nagar
  • Jadhav Nagar
  • Gamangatti
  • Navalur
  • Tadasinakoppa
  • Udayagiri
  • Vanashree Nagar
  • IIIT

Bus services to Madihal, Mallapur, and Mehboob Nagar will remain unchanged.

Additionally, arrangements have been made for the distribution of monthly concession passes for city and suburban buses at the old bus stand in Dharwad.

Hubli-Dharwad City Transport Division Controller H. Ramanagowda urges the public to cooperate with the corporation during this temporary relocation.

  • The new city bus stand is slated to be constructed at a cost of Rs. 13 crore.
  • The modern design of the new facility will include state-of-the-art amenities.
  • The construction of the new bus stand is expected to be completed within 18 months.
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