From The Makers of The Kerala Story: Bastar Film Teaser Generates Discussion on Naxalism

Delhi, India: The upcoming movie “Bastar” stirs debate with its intense teaser exploring the Naxalite conflict in Chhattisgarh. Starring Adah Sharma as a determined police officer, the film promises action and drama, but worries some with its portrayal of a complex issue.

Red Teaser, Heated Reactions:

The teaser shows Sharma’s character vowing to fight the Naxalites. While claiming to be based on a true event, the film’s “political” stance raises concerns. Critics fear it might oversimplify the conflict, ignoring its deep roots and human cost.

March Release: Time for Discussion:

“Bastar” releases on March 15th, sure to spark debate. Will it offer fresh perspectives or fuel existing tensions? Only time will tell.

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