Bollywood Icon Mithun Chakraborty Hospitalized, But Son Assures It’s Just a Check-Up

Kolkata: Legendary actor Mithun Chakraborty sent fans into a flurry after being admitted to a Kolkata hospital on Saturday morning following chest pain complaints. While initial reports caused concern, his family swiftly clarified the situation, reassuring everyone that it’s merely a routine checkup.

According to sources close to the actor, Chakraborty experienced discomfort and was prudently taken to the hospital for observation and evaluation. This proactive approach sparked rumors of a more serious situation, but his son, Mimoh Chakraborty, promptly quashed those concerns.

Speaking to, Mimoh firmly stated, “He (Mithun Chakraborty) is 100 percent fine and it’s a routine check-up.” This reassuring update calmed worried fans and highlighted the importance of seeking medical attention even for seemingly minor concerns.

Chakraborty, widely recognized for his iconic roles in films like “Disco Dancer” and “Agneepath,” enjoys immense popularity across generations. His recent stint as a judge on the dance reality show “Dance Bangla Dance” further cemented his status as a beloved entertainer.

The Padma Bhushan recipient, honored in January 2024 for his remarkable contributions to Indian cinema, continues to inspire audiences with his vibrant personality and acting prowess.

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