Bold Robbery: Armed Gang Targets Axis Bank, Escapes with 90 Lakh in Bihar

In a daring heist on Tuesday, a group of six armed individuals made off with a sum totaling at least 90 lakh from an Axis Bank branch in Araria district, Bihar, reported Shillong Times.

“Armed men, pretending to be customers, entered the Axis Bank branch at ADB Chowk in Araria city, forcibly confined both customers and staff in a room, and subsequently looted approximately Rs 90 lakh before making their escape,” stated the police.

The incident unfolded around 12:30 PM, with the assailants fleeing the scene to evade potential police action. The targeted bank employees promptly reported the robbery to the district police, who have initiated an investigation into the matter.

As the authorities piece together details, they are scrutinizing CCTV footage for potential leads on the identities of the armed perpetrators. The exact amount of the loot is yet to be confirmed, but the police are actively working to apprehend those responsible for the audacious crime.

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