Balochistan Election Violence: Twin Blasts Leave 25 Dead, 42 Injured

Two devastating bomb blasts targeting election offices in Balochistan, Pakistan, claimed the lives of at least 25 people and injured 42 on Wednesday, just a day before the general elections.

The first blast occurred outside the office of independent candidate Asfandyar Khan Kakar in Pishin district, killing 17 and injuring 30. The second blast, less than an hour later, targeted the election office of Jamiat-Ulema Islam-Pakistan in Killa Abdullah, resulting in eight deaths and 12 injuries.

Authorities suspect remote detonation and emphasize the need for heightened security to ensure the elections proceed as scheduled on Thursday.

The Election Commission of Pakistan confirmed the attacks and vowed to apprehend the perpetrators. Balochistan’s Home Minister condemned the blasts and affirmed that elections would proceed as planned.

Caretaker Interior Minister Gohar Ejaz expressed condolences and condemned the Pishin blast. The attacks follow a series of violent incidents in the region, including grenade attacks and targeted assaults on election rallies.

Outlawed separatist groups in Balochistan, claiming to fight for local rights, have intensified attacks, targeting not only security personnel but also candidates contesting the elections. The situation underscores the challenges of ensuring security and stability in the volatile region.

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