Youth tries to sell kittens as tiger cubs arrested 


A Tamil Nadu youth was arrested in Idukki, Kerala, on suspicion of attempting to extort money by having a cat painted as a tiger cub.

The accused is Parthiban (24), a resident of Tiruvannamala Arani, a border village in Tamil Nadu.

Parthiban advertised on Whatsapp that he has three three-month-old tiger cubs for sale.  He demanded Rs 25 lac per cub and stated that he would deliver it to the buyers’ home. He also placed a photograph of the tiger cubs inside a steel bowl.

The Forest department learned of the situation. Parthiban went underground after learning that forest officials were looking for him. Forest officials searched his home but found no tiger cubs. He was later apprehended with the assistance of local police.

Partiban’s Ambattur friend is said to have given the photos of the tiger cubs. In his police confession, the accused stated that they intended to sell kittens painted as tiger cubs. Forest officials and police are conducting additional investigations to determine the involvement of other people in this crime.

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