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May 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

Yediyurappa Vows Rally of 1 Lakh People After Defeat of Jagadish Shettar

YediyurappaFormer CM BS Yediyurappa addressing a gathering in Lingaraj Nagar, Hubballli on Wednesday

Hubballi: Former CM and BJP veteran B S Yediyurappa has announced that he plans to hold a large rally, drawing in 100,000 people, following the electoral defeat of Jagadish Shettar, who recently defected to the Congress party and is now contesting from the Hubballi-Dharwad Central assembly segment.

Addressing a public rally on Wednesday, Yediyurappa launched attack on Shettar, using strong language to accuse him of betraying the party and backstabbing his colleagues. Yediyurappa urged the voters of HD Central to deliver a resounding defeat to Shettar and was met with enthusiastic responses from the assembled crowd.

Shettar has been claiming that Lingayat leaders are being suppressed in the BJP, using his and Lakshman Savadi’s departure as evidence. Yediyurappa also referenced this issue, but claimed to have met with local Lingayat leaders to assure them that the party has always supported them. According to Yediyurappa, the Lingayat community leaders have pledged their support for the BJP’s candidates, including Mahesh Tenginkai, who is running against Shettar.

Yediyurappa went on to claim that he had supported Shettar’s rise to power, helping him to become Chief Minister and securing other positions in the government and the party. Yediyurappa accused Shettar of betraying the party by defecting to the Congress, despite assurances that he would be given a cabinet berth in the Modi government.

Yediyurappa called on the youth wing of the party to treat the upcoming election as a challenge and to ensure a decisive victory over Shettar. Despite being 80 years old, Yediyurappa stated that he has been travelling across the state to fulfill his promise to Prime Minister Narendra Modi of establishing a BJP-led government with a full majority.

Yediyurappa also criticized the Congress party, describing it as a sinking ship without any clear leadership. In contrast, he emphasized the BJP’s reputation as a party of change and development, with leaders like Modi being accepted as world leaders.

BJP candidate from Hubballi Central Constituency, Mahesh Tenginkai, HDMC members Tippanna Majjagi, Rajanna Koravi, Dr Pandurang Patil, Dr Mahesh Nalawad and others were present.

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