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September 2023

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Worried Cong leaders meet KIMS doctors, seeking details of COVID preparedness.

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A Congress party delegation led by its City District President, Altaf Hallur, visited Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) Hospital and had a discussion with Medical Superintendent Dr Arun Kumar regarding the preparations the KIMS has made to treat the Covid-infected patients in the possible third wave of the virus.

As the state is witnessing more cases of Covid and the government has also announced stricter rules to stop the transmission of the virus, the Congress leaders met the KIMS higher-ups to get the details of the preparations the premier institute has made.

The members sought details like how many beds the institute kept reserved for the patients, oxygen arrangements, drug availability, and others.

Dr Arun Kumar said that the institute has 2,000 beds, of which 1,500 are oxygenated beds, and 1,000 beds have been reserved for COVID patients. The Vedanta makeshift hospital, which was built with the cooperation of Vedanta groups, has 100 beds, and the new MCH building has 200 beds, and on the third floor of the hospital building, 300 beds, and in the super-specialty building, 200 beds have been kept reserved for patients.

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Arun Kumar said that they have reserved 150 beds in pediatric units, NICU 30, and PICU 09 beds are kept reserved, he said.

The MS said that they have 40 KL of oxygen storage. The oxygen is supplied from Torangallu. The KIMS has three pressure swing adsorption (PSA) oxygen generating plants that generate oxygen. He said two units generate 500 LPM and the third one generates 100 liters per minute of oxygen, he said.

All of the drugs needed to treat the patients are on hand at the institute, and all of the necessary preparations have been made. He said the last two waves have taught us many things, and the KIMS has made all the arrangements.

As per the information provided by the WHO, the infection will be very mild and the disease may become serious in patients with comorbidities. According to the data available, the infection would be less lethal and hospital admissions would remain lower as per the information available at present, so at any given point of time, the hospital admissions may not cross 300. But the hospital is prepared for the worst, he said.


The Congress leaders asked the MS to show the Vedanta field hospital, but Arun Kumar said that he would show it to them tomorrow, but they insisted that they show it right now. After much thought, he agreed to show the facility.

When the delegation was on their way, he stopped and said DC permission was required to visit since it has active patients. But the Congress leaders went inside the facility and inspected it.

Rajat says MS was trying to hide their unpreparedness 

The Vidyanagar Block Congress president, Rajat Ullagaddimath, informed the media people who were waiting outside the makeshift hospital that they had not maintained the facility and that bird droppings had marred the beds and the entire facility had been kept untidy. The MS was reluctant to show it to the delegation as they had not made any arrangements so far.

Congress leader Nagaraj Gouri echoed the same view. He lashed out at the KIMS authorities for not maintaining the facility properly. He urged the KIMS administration to prepare the facility at the earliest. They say they have been treating the patients but don’t know how the patients are receiving treatment in such an unhygienic environment.

Congress leaders Imran Yaligar, Niranjan Hiremath, Shahzaman Mujahid, Senthilkumar, Shivakumar Rayangoudar and others were present.

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