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September 2023

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World Mental Health Day ; here are the habits to improve your mental health

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Today is World Mental Health Day, and maintaining good mental health in the digital age is very crucial. We are providing you tips from experts to keep yourself mentally fit.

Mindfulness and gratitude are important

Increased productivity, better attention, and a sense of well-being are all benefits of mindfulness. Being mindful is putting distractions aside for the duration of an activity and living in the present.

Being thankful for the little things in life is a wonderful habit. Gratitude exercises can help people manage their stress and anxiety. You can keep a gratitude journal or practise certain rituals that are less ritualistic and more compassionate.

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Control your screen time and sleep schedule

It is getting harder to avoid the screen because of the diversity and ease of access to OTT platforms, especially for children and teens. Think about using a timer and planning your viewing duration in advance. Cyberbullying and the constant use of social media can cause stress and several mental health issues. Maintain objectivity and pause frequently.

Enhancing mental health

Too much screen usage may impact your eyes and mental health. Thanks to OTT, Reestablishing one can be facilitated through physical activity, outdoor sports, and interpersonal contacts. A good night’s sleep is essential. Try to not use digital screens after 9 p.m.

Monitor your physical and emotional well-being

Both physical and mental wellness is interrelated. Make careful to regularly evaluate your level of fitness. Attempt to maintain a healthy weight and a favourable connection with food. Instead of merely being skinny, concentrate on being fit. Anxiety and depression are known to be linked to diabetes and cardiac issues. Stress can make asthma, systemic hypertension, acne, and hair loss worse.

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