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Woman Raises Black Panther Cub Thinking It’s a Cat

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A Russian woman has recently gained widespread attention for an unexpected act of rescue and care towards a baby black panther, which she mistakenly identified as a domestic cat. While traveling, she came across the stranded panther cub by the roadside and instinctively picked it up, thinking it was a regular kitten.

This compassionate act quickly became a social media sensation after she shared a video detailing her experience. In the video, she recounted how she unintentionally rescued the panther cub, initially believing it to be an abandoned domestic kitten.

Despite the revelation that she had, in fact, rescued a wild panther rather than a domestic cat, the woman chose to provide a home and care for the animal. The story began when Victoria, a Russian woman, found the helpless creature in the wilderness near Siberia, and her concern led her to bring it home, unaware of its true nature. As the cub grew, it became apparent that it was a black panther.

This heartwarming tale was originally shared on Instagram by the user @factmayor, with the initial upload by @luna_the_pantera. Since its posting on September 21, the video has garnered millions of views.


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