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September 2023

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Woman Beaten, Stripped, and Paraded in Rajasthan Village

woman assault

In a deeply distressing incident, a woman from a tribal community endured a harrowing ordeal in Pratapgarh district, Rajasthan. Allegedly at the hands of her husband, she was subjected to physical assault, humiliation, and public humiliation. This shocking incident reportedly occurred on Saturday.

A video capturing the horrifying scene depicts the woman being mercilessly beaten by her husband, forcibly stripped naked outside her residence in the village, and subsequently paraded while she cried out for assistance.

Sources indicate that the husband had suspicions of his wife’s involvement with another man, which is said to have triggered this brutal attack. The police have taken three individuals into custody, with the possibility of more arrests in the near future.

Apparently discontented with her decision to live with another man despite her marital status, the woman’s in-laws are alleged to have abducted her and transported her to their village. There, she suffered further physical abuse and the degrading experience of being paraded in the nude. Rajasthan’s Director General of Police (DGP), Umesh Mishra, has confirmed these details.

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