With the help of CCTV cameras, a father and son manage to avert a dacoity attempt in their home

The Talagattapura police with robbers they nabbed. Photo courtesy: Bengaluru city police

Bengaluru: With the help of their security system, a father and son duo managed to foil a dacoity attempt in their home, and not only that, they alerted the police, who arrested five of the seven intruders who were hiding in the house with sharp weapons.

The incident happened at the three-floor house of Ajay Karay Balagopa, 59, owner of an engineering company, in Vishranthi Layout, Talaghattapura area, in Bengaluru.

Rahul Karay Balagopal and Sameer Karay Balagopal are Ajay’s two sons. Rahul works as a manager at his father’s company. Rahul stated that the sophisticated security system he had put inside his home assisted him in not only finding the burglars but also in monitoring their every move so that they could devise a good plan to checkmate them.

According to Rahul, on Tuesday night, they all slept in separate rooms on the first floor of their house and

According to the sources, the trio slept in separate rooms on the first floor of the house on Tuesday night. Rahul awoke at about 5.20 a.m. and went downstairs to make coffee for himself. He became concerned when he realised that several objects from the refrigerator had spilled on the floor. He, on the other hand, made his coffee and carried it to his room.

He said that after reaching his room; he opened an app installed on his phone to view the CCTV footage. He noticed that in the hall, two men were crouching behind a sofa. Five people wielding long machetes gathered in the kitchen within two minutes.

Alert Rahul contacts his father to alert him about the invaders. Ajay contacted a neighbouring building’s security crew, while Rahul dialled 112 (the Emergency Response Support System), informing the police control room.

In the meantime, Ajay and Rahul decided to confront the invaders. Ajay opened fire in the air using his licenced weapon to scare the dacoits. And at the same time, four police officers from Talaghattapura Police Station arrived at their home in 12 minutes.

The police came to know that they were five dacoits and they were with sharp weapons. So they requested additional men, and within no time, eight police officers joined them. The police were able to nab five of the seven thieves; two were hiding behind a sofa, and three had locked themselves in the guest house of the residence.

The police managed to nab two dacoits who fled from the scene in the evening. The thieves gained entry into the residence using the terrace.

Photo credit: Bengaluru Police

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