With Minister Munenakoppa’s prompt action; a youth who was stuck in a flash flood rescued

Madan, rescued by the fire department staff, is on the way to hospital

Hubballi: A youth who had been caught in a flash flood in Bennihalla for two days was rescued by firefighters and police officers on Saturday.

The young man was stranded in Bennihalla on the outskirts of Kadadhalli in Navalgund taluk due to flash floods two days ago, but he was discovered on Saturday afternoon. Minister Shankar Patil Munenakopa, who was touring the rain-stricken areas, learned about this young man and promptly contacted the fire department and police. A boat was used to transport him to the bank of Bennihall. Madan is the name of the young man, who lives in the Andhra Pradesh district of Nellore.

The youth appeared to be dehydrated after going two days without food or water. He was promptly transported for medical care after the minister handed him some liquid food.

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