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May 2023

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Will not accept Media Academy Award: senior scribe Kattimani vows

Basavaraj Kattimani speak on Media Academy AwardBasavaraj Kattimani

Hubballi: Senior journalist Basavaraj Kattimani has declared that he will not accept the Karnataka Media Academy Award at any point in his life. He has gone so far as to sign an affidavit before a notary to formalize his decision.

Kattimani’s announcement came in response to Shivanand Tagaduru, President of the Karnataka Union of Working Journalists (KUWJ), who spoke out about the injustice faced by journalists from North Karnataka in the allocation of Media Academy awards during an online symposium organized by like-minded journalists.

During his address, Tagaduru stated that some people objected to the journalists’ this campaign, claiming that it was undertaken just because they did not get the award. Tagaduru further alleged that some had asked him to ask individuals who had pushed for equality and justice during the award process if they would sign an affidavit stating that they would not accept the award as well.

Kattimani responded by taking Tagaduru’s comments to heart and signing an affidavit stating that he will not accept Media Academy Award.

Like-minded journalists, especially from north Karnataka have raised their voices that the journalists from this region faced injustice in the allocation of the awards. Kattimani shared the affidavit in a WhatsApp group created to raise the voice against this injustice. This group has 266 journalists as members (so far).

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