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Why Vaccinating Your Child Against Influenza in the Third Wave of COVID19 Could Be Beneficial ? What doctors say?

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Hubballi: The impact of COVID-19 on children has remained a source of concern for parents. Children may be affected in the third wave of Covid, according to health experts and doctors.

Many kids were infected with the virus in both the first and second waves. According to studies, children are less likely to have a severe viral infection. However, there’s no guarantee that children will be totally resistant to the virus.

In view of this, spoke to a few prominent paediatricians of Hubballi and Dharwad and they shared their views with us.

Dr Prakash Wari, head of the Pediatrics department at KIMS told that experts are of the opinion that a possible third wave of Covid-19 could affect children. Hence, flu vaccinations for kids may give cross-protection. But lots of studies have yet to happen in this regard. ” We can’t say that the vaccine reduces the risk of catching COVID-19 infection in children, but there may be a cross-protection as the symptoms of flu and Covid will be the same. Vaccinating children with flu shots may benefit viral interference,” he explained.

When we asked another paediatrician, Dr Devraj Raichur, should we vaccinate children with the season’s flu shot to reduce the risk of children becoming infected? Dr Raichur said that flu vaccination is not directly related to that. However, this season, if a child becomes infected with the season’s flu and also becomes infected with Covid, the consequences could be severe.

We may suspect a Covid infection when the child develops the seasonal flu because the symptoms are identical.

As a result, it is preferable to vaccinate children against the flu. They require two doses separated by 30 days.

Dr Raichur believes that preventing influenza infection in children through vaccination will reduce the need for COVID-19 infection testing, reduce the healthcare burden, and ensure that healthcare resources are not overburdened.


Dr. Jagdish Niradi, a paediatrician in Dharwad, offered some advice on how to prevent Covid infection among children in the third wave.

He said children should stay at home. They should avoid visiting their relatives and friends. Parents should refrain from bringing their children to social gatherings.

It is advisable if children take a bath twice a day. They should wash their hands with soap regularly.

Don’t allow them to rub their eyes and nose without sanitizing their hands. Adults should not handle children without getting themselves sanitized. Sanitize cellphones, playing items, joysticks, computers, and keyboards twice a day.

Allow children to sit or play in the sunlight at least for half an hour a day. Clean the toilets with disinfectants every day, and sanitize the house regularly.

Pillows and pillow covers should be cleaned periodically. Provide them with warm water for gargling. Make sure children follow social guidelines, wear masks properly, and sanitize their hands.


A high protein diet should be given to children: two eggs per day, soaked boiled pulses like Chana, green gram, rajma, green peas. A glass of milk per day.

Fresh fruits, vegetables such as amla, citrus fruits, seasonal green leaf vegetables, and dry fruits all boost children’s immunity.

Give your children home-cooked meals and avoid giving them junk food.

Early detection and diagnosis                 

Any suspicious symptoms of Covid, like fever/headache, body pains, sore throat, dry cough, weakness, loss of appetite, loose stools, pain in the cheek or eyes. Parents should bring children with any of the above symptoms to their paediatricians and get tested, said Dr Niradi

Every house should have a thermometer, an SpO2 machine (pulse oximeter), and tissues, he advised.

(DISCLAIMER: This article is for information purpose only, the contents not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, please consult your physician for personalized medical advice. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider with questions regarding a medical condition)


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