Why is sitting being dubbed the “new smoking”? Why should you avoid sitting for long periods of time?

Sitting a new smoking

India is known as the “diabetes capital of the world,” and most diabetic Indians result from their sedentary lifestyle. They walk, exercise, and adhere to the diet after being diagnosed with diabetes. If they were active during the pre-diabetic stage, they could have reversed diabetes.

Most Indians, particularly those living in rural areas, are unaware that they are diabetic. The modern work culture of desk jobs makes many sit for long hours in front of their laptops and computers, making them move less or stand less. Lack of exercise increases the chances of having type 2 diabetes or heart ailments, becoming overweight, or suffering from anxiety and depression.

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When you engage in physical activity, your general energy levels and endurance improve, and your bones keep their strength. When you sit for long hours, the exact opposite will happen, say, doctors.

According to health experts, if you exercise but spend a lot of time sitting, you risk developing health conditions like metabolic syndrome. According to the most recent study, you need 60–75 minutes of moderate-intensity movement every day to fight the hazards of prolonged sitting.

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Moving your muscles aids your body’s digestion of the fats and carbohydrates you consume. When you spend a lot of time sitting, your digestion is less effective, and you keep those fats and carbohydrates in your body as fat.

If your job requires prolonged sitting and you don’t get enough time to walk or do exercise, then the health experts suggest taking a 15-minute break after one hour of work to move in and around your office. If you walk in bits and pieces, that will also help a lot in reducing the ill effects of sitting, they say.

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If you are new to physical exercise or have a health concern, see your doctor before beginning any new activities. They will be able to advise you on the best activities for you.

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