Why is lava idli trending? Why are foodies up in arms about it?

Lava Idli

Have you heard the name “Lava Idli”? It is currently trending on social media. The idli, a popular South Indian breakfast, has also undergone many changes in the past. Many did experiment with it, but the foodies rejected it whenever someone tried to give it some transformation. A few months ago, Idli was prepared just like ice cream, but both internet users and food lovers rejected it.

So, Lava Idli is a combination of Idli and Panipuri. A video of the dish has gone viral on social media. The process begins with the addition of idli batter to oiled moulds or bowls. The golgappas are then filled with sambar and set in a mould. Finally, the batter is poured over it and steamed in a hot steamer for 8–10 minutes.

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