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Why glittering stones keep the policemen of Town Police Station on edge.? What was that… ? 

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Hubballi Town police station staff recently had a tense few hours after seizing a few shining stones from an accused who was trying to sell them, saying that the stones contained gold and silver.

Hubballi Town Police team led by Inspector Anand Vanakudre apprehended a Koppal resident who was attempting to sell nine dazzling stones at the crowded Durgadbail market, claiming that the stones contained gold and silver.

The team apprehended the accused and brought him to the station, where the officials began checking stones and the investigation began. Things had been typical up to that point. The team weighed the stones and tried to determine what they were.

Inspector Anand Vanakudre phoned Police Commissioner Labhu Ram as part of the protocol to inform him that they had seized several gleaming stones from an accused who was attempting to sell them in the market.

The commissioner inquired about the nature of the material in a regular manner. The inspector said that the accused had stated that the stones were called “California.” The commissioner was not satisfied as California is a city name, the commissioner asked the inspector to question him again.

The inspector phoned the commissioner again and informed him that the accused had stated that the item was “californium.” Hearing that phrase, the commissioner was taken aback and informed the inspector that it was a radioactive chemical that should be stored in an isolated area firmly packed in something.

The employees were taken aback when they heard this and immediately began discussing the content. They were astounded to learn that the stones they had been holding for only a few minutes ago contained radioactive material.

The police began to seek aid in determining the nature of the stones. Inspector Anand Vanakudre called a professor at KIMS and informed him of the situation, after which he promptly headed to KIMS. The professor examined the stones and determined that they were not made of Californianium. Hearing that the commissioner, inspector, and staff all breathed a sigh of relief.

The police eventually discovered that these were bright stones with zinc and iron content. According to police sources, the accused discovered these stones at a quarry.

According to police officials, the accused was booked under IPC sections 379 and 420 and is currently in judicial custody.


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