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Why do Indian students go to Ukraine to study MBBS?

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After Russia invaded Ukraine, most news stations and media outlets began airing or publishing stories of Indians stuck in the war-torn country; the majority of the stranded Indians were students, particularly those studying medicine. Prior to Russia’s invasion, the majority of people were unaware that a huge number of Indian students were studying medicine in Ukraine.

Many people began to question why such a significant number of Indian students had gone to Ukraine to study medicine. What is that country’s specialty? Why did they choose to be admitted to that country? Why not a different country? Many students in their first year of study, while knowing that the country has a strained relationship with Russia and that the mighty Russians could attack Ukraine at any time, Why chose to study there.

We asked the same questions to a few of the doctors and a few of the students’ relatives. All of the doctors and family We spoke with claimed that pursuing an MBBS in Ukraine is far less expensive than in India.

The majority of students seeking to be doctors chose Ukraine because of the cost advantage it provides, as well as its proximity to Western European countries. In Ukraine, a student finishes his or her medical education for Rs 25–30 lakh, whereas in India, a student studying in a private medical college on management quota costs Rs 80 lakh to one crore to complete the MBBS course, said Dr. SS Shirol, a plastic surgeon.

According to an orthopedic surgeon, people who are unable to secure a seat in a government medical institution consider studying in this nation, Belarus, Russia, or Georgia, which do not require any entrance tests to learn MBBS. Furthermore, the cost is a major factor in attracting students from India to these nations. He said that students who graduate from non-English-speaking nations face difficulties as they should learn the native language, after completing their course they need to take an exam to certify their foreign degree by the Indian government and complete an internship here in India.

One of the foreign returned who lived in Russia and Western European countries stated that he used to find more Indian students since the parents and students were captivated with Europe and the way of life. It is a very old phenomenon. Students studying in Russia and Ukraine are not new phenomena. Most parents who are obsessed with their children becoming physicians by any means send their children to these nations, while medium and lower-middle-class parents who cannot afford the expensive cost of medical education send their children to these countries, he says.

An Indian student studying MBBS pays $8,000 a year, according to a report. According to the research, after completing their degrees, the majority of students return to their home countries, where they choose to practice.

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