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Why Congress leader MB Patil supporting CM Yediyurappa?

In the midst of rumours that Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa may resign before July 26, Congress senior leader MB Patil used the Lingayat card, saying, “Yediyurappa is a towering figure in the Lingayat community. If he is removed from his position, the BJP’s top leadership would undoubtedly face backlash from the Lingayat community. Given his age and contributions, Chief Minister Yediyurappa deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. This is my personal view.”

Many people were surprised when senior Congress leader MB Patil stood out in favour of B S Yediyurappa. Many believe he is playing a cast card or outright endorsing Yediyurappa’s continuation in the post. His remark is being seen as an attempt to demonstrate that the Congress party is an alternative for the Lingayats if Yediyurappa, who has the community’s backing, steps down.

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