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September 2023

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What is digital detox? why we need it the most?

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By Prof.Priyanka Richard

Mobilism is given a new era for this generation of children… Because internet service providers are now offering 4G data plans, all students and adults should follow the 4’Gs instead. The introduction of the four ‘G’s is the solution to all of these problems. GROWTH, GOAL, GUIDANCE, AND GIVING.
Instead of growing, they are contracting into unneeded, time-wasting apps. Instead of looking for goal-oriented Google pages, today’s youth looks for everything contrary. Instead of mentoring the next generations, they are demotivating them. Instead of providing themselves with the finest life possible, they are embracing all of the drawbacks of smart devices and rebranding the fantastic 4G as the hazardous 4G.

We should use technology for the many benefits it provides, but all adolescent kids face a different danger. The hijacking tactics, nonstop games, and manipulative purchasing sites are keeping us away from our local markets while providing us with immense joy in the addiction to these never-ending created applications specifically for us. I call it selfie fever, a disaster-based infectious sickness. For God’s sake, updating status, a sense of reluctance, or dissatisfaction when no likes pass!!! The earliest indications of digital reliance include obsessively checking messages or browsing the web without even realising it.

Because there are so many unintended health consequences of digital dependency, every student and individual should attempt to abstain from being a mobiholic. Examine how and why you use technology, and then determine what is best for you. Consider the following: Is the way I’m using this app making me happy or unhappy? Is it causing emotional distress in others around me? Is it possible for me to spend quality time with my loved ones? In a nutshell, it’s time to rethink your reliance on technology or your digital dependency.

Smart Phones’ Influence on family and social life

Smartphones make a huge effect, but they may also be disastrous. Ignoring someone in favour of our phones damages our relationships. Cell phones might make you feel more connected, but they can also prevent you and your family from interacting in person.

Even when they cause difficulties, some individuals have difficulty putting their cell phones away. It is an extremely important moment to put phones away and participate in face-to-face communication. To determine whether cell phones are interfering with your family’s time together, consider how much you use your personal phone when you’re together. Perhaps there is a chance to reduce back. This may be beneficial to you, your partner, your children, and your relationships. Family objectives are strengthened by spending quality time together. Less mobile phone use also allows parents and children to spend more time outside and be more physically active.

Smart phones’ influence on work efficiency

Our phones are right next to us, sending us SMS notifications, group alerts, shopping alerts, banking alerts, and so on. Such beeps just take us out of our work zone and quickly move us to the phone zone, leaving us with less time to offer our all in our job zone. Our job performance suffers as a result of our use of smartphones. It’s the most distracting thing in the universe. We must enter a work zone and turn our phones to quiet or off during working hours. Our ordinary landline phones might be used to handle emergencies.

Digital detoxification

We must go through digital detox treatments, which are critical for our future. In this age of high technology addiction, disconnecting is essential. The goal of this separation is to recuperate from the stress, sleeplessness, forgetfulness, frustrations, accidents, and so on that are frequently caused by overexposure to digital dependency and the digital world.

Let us begin to connect more to genuine social contact, connection to nature, participation in social activities, and connection to green environments.

These 4G generation youngsters must thoroughly grasp that technology can be a key help in their educational aspects as well as in other useful and beneficial ways, but they must be extremely cautious about spending the amount of time on their smartphones every day.

Who is required to perform the ROLE?

We, as parents, teachers, and educationalists, must play a critical role in assisting students and other pupils to increase their daily chores, not in mobile chaos, but in mindful, physical activities, involving them in team-building skills, goal setting activities, real-life activities, skits, and more sports rooms so students avoid gaming online.

Author: Prof Priyanka Richard is Head Of Department -BBA in Global College Hubballi.

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