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We’ll have no choice but to beg for alms in order to fix the road ourselves: Rajat

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Hubballi: Congress leader Rajat Ullagaddimath and his team have given the concerned authorities a month to repair the badly damaged Ravi Nagar Road, failing which they will be forced to beg for alms on Gokul Road and reconstruct the roads on behalf of the Congress party, with the support of local residents.

Despite holding a unique demonstration to grab their attention, the authorities did not repair the road linking Ravi Nagar, which is situated near Gokul Road, according to the Congress leader. Former mayor Venkatesh Mestri, Mallikarjun Yatgeri, Manikant Gudihal, Abhishekh Shinge, and Deepak Shirolikar of the Congress party fixed the potholes with good quality materials for the time being on Monday so that commuters would not be inconvenienced further.

“We are setting the government a one-month ultimatum to fix this road and convert it to concrete,” Rajat stated. If they fail, the Congress party will present a cheque for Rs one lakh to the competent authorities, and then we (Congress) party activists would beg alms on the street and rebuild the road ourselves.

“We will hold protests in the Assembly constituency where the roads are in pretty bad shape, and the party will continue to fight for better amenities including good roads,” Rajat added.

The Congress leaders claimed they used suitable material to fill the potholes and levelled the roads with machines, and after that sprinkled white concrete mixture so that filled material remain bonded and stronger.

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