Wearing a Dharwad saree, FM Niramala Seetharaman arrives at Parliament to present the budget

Minister Nirmala Sitharaman arrives at Parliament wearing Dharwad saree

Dharwad: Union Finance Minister Niramala Seetharaman wore a maroon saree custom-made in Dharwad. The Finance Minister wore it to Parliament. It was presented to her by Dharwad MP, Union Minister Pralhad Joshi.

 It is even more special that this saree has been specially embroidered by women workers from Aarti Crafts, owned by Aarti Hiremath and located in Narayanpur, Dharwad city. Minister Pralhad Joshi explained about Navlagund embroidery art and its cultural richness to Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in a programme and presented these sarees as a gift to her.

 Deputy Commissioner Gurudatta Hegade, through handloom and textile department officer Syed Naeem Ahmad, had identified embroidery experts and instructed them to prepare embroidered sarees.

 Aarti Crafts: Aarti Hiremath, the owner of Aarti Crafts, started the work with enthusiasm. Aarti, who has been involved in the field of embroidery for the past 32 years, has formed a team of around 210 women, given them the required embroidery training, and given them self-employment.

Aarti Hiremath, who receives demand for embroidered sarees, shalyes, and dresses from customers, goes to the home of her embroidery staff, supplies the accessories, and collects the ready-made items herself.

The sarees sent to the Union Finance Minister:

The sarees were sent to Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharam as per her interest, including the maroon-colored saree that she is wearing today.

Saree Specialty: Handloom Ilakal silk sarees with traditional Dharwad embroidery. The five-meter-long Ilakal saree is embroidered with chikkaparas and images of theru, gopuram, peacocks, and lotuses.

“The Union Minister’s initiative to encourage the handloom industry and pat self-employed women on the back has made us happy and proud,” the owner said.

During the presentation of the central budget, the whole country and the world are looking at her. “She is presenting the budget of a strong India in our sari, which has made our district and state proud,” said Aarti Hiremath.

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