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We also brought back 15,000 Indian nationals during the Libya war, but we did not do publicity stunts like Modi.

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It is unfortunate to note that BJP leaders see every crisis as an opportunity to increase their publicity. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is using the name of the river Ganga for the evacuation operation so that it helps the BJP in the Uttar Pradesh elections. ” I hope Ganga cleanses the sins of the BJP,” said Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly Siddaramaiah.

He said, an estimated 5,000 Indians were brought to India during the war in Libya and another 5,000 people during the Yemen War. He said neither the Congress government nor the Congress party used that evacuation drive for publicity of the government or tried to use it for political gains like Narendra Modi, he said.

The operations to bring Indians safely out of the war-torn country are not new to India. About one and a half lakh Indians were safely brought back to India during the Gulf War, said Siddaramaiah.

He blamed the Union Government led by Narendra Modi for the present condition of Indians and Indian students in war-torn Ukraine. The Modi government could have acted early and could have brought back the students much earlier if the government was awake. For Naveen’s death, a Haveri student who was killed in shelling in Ukraine, the Union Government is responsible, said Siddaramaiah.

He claims Modi considers himself Vishwaguru and wastes time hearing praise from his Bhakts; he is unconcerned about the safety of Indian students in Ukraine, he claims.

Whatever our political and ideological differences may be, we must support the government’s decision during a period of international development. Siddarmaiah lashed out at the Union Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Mines and Coal for his statement that those who are pursuing a medical degree abroad will not pass the examination required to practice in India as doctors, which is highly irresponsible.

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