Watch video: Villagers kill hyena, video goes viral


Raichur: A disturbing video of villagers killing a hyena has gone viral on social media platforms in Raichur, Lingasugur, and Mudugal regions of Kalyan Karnataka.

News doing the rounds is that the hyena was spotted in the hilly regions near Mudugal and a few local men killed it with the help of stones, sticks and an axe.

Hubli Express spoke to locals from the Raichur district. They said that the video has gone viral in this region and it is being shared extensively, claiming that a hyena was killed by a few villagers near Mudugal. It is not clear whether the incident happened in the hilly areas of Mudugal or Lingasugur.

Police personnel who spoke to us over the phone claimed that the video was not from the region, and few claimed that hyenas were never spotted in Mudugal hills. Few claimed that the video is from other regions of Karnataka, perhaps from the Hospet region. They say Kannada dialect resembles one spoken in Hospet or Kustagi area.

Few police personnel claimed that this may be an old one, but gone viral now.

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