Watch the video: Hubballi youth pay a traffic fine of Rs 14,250 for multiple violations

Screen shot of the video

Hubballi: A youth voluntarily approached traffic cops on duty who were managing traffic and fining rule violators near Old Court Circle. The youth informed them that he would pay the pending traffic violation fine.

The cops ran the registration number in their PDA device and found that he had violated traffic rules 57 times, and the total amount would become Rs 28,500, since the state transportation department’s one-time 50% discount on pending traffic fines to clear backlog cases that had not been resolved was in force. The youth got a 50 percent discount on the fine amount.

He paid Rs 14,250 from his pocket and cleared all the pending fines. The traffic cops asked him not to ride without a helmet. And they also requested the motorists to always wear helmets and follow traffic rules, as the cameras installed by the department automatically generate challans whenever they recognize traffic rule violators.

Suraj Singh Thakur is the youth who paid the fine amount. East Traffic ASI BB Mayannavar, Shambu Radder, and Kuber Karbari levied the fine.

Hubballi man faces Rs 17,500 fine for multiple traffic rule violations

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