Want to get rid of excess fat? In Hubballi, try new power assisted liposuction

Doctors removing excess fat using PAL

Liposuction is a means of removing excess and redundant fat from the body.

When adults gain weight, their fat cells swell and more fat deposits form, primarily in and around the tummy, thighs, legs, and arms. Many people try hard to lose this fat by means of diet and exercise, but this fat is resistant to all means and won’t go easily. Liposuction is used in such cases, in which a small hole is made at the site of excess fat and all of the fat is sucked out using special instruments.

The POWER-ASSISTED LIPOSUCTION MACHINE (PAL) is one such newer modality that has recently been introduced in Hubballi.

Earlier, many people used manual suction-assisted liposuction, which takes several hours to perform. The power-assisted liposuction technique makes the surgery and recovery time shorter.

This modality helps the body’s fat to loosen and sucks out excess fat, resulting in more natural results.

There are many people in this region who have an unequal distribution of fat in the body. This is especially true after childbirth when excess and redundant fat accumulates in and around the tummy, sides, thighs, and arms. However, many hesitate to consult a plastic surgeon. But with newer modalities such as PAL and VASER, it’s easy and safe to undergo liposuction.

Consult Dr. Arun Jeedi, a board-certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon at the Recon Plastic Surgery Clinic at Marvel Signet Shirur Park, for a more detailed discussion on liposuction.

Dr Arun Jeedi, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon,   Recon Plastic Surgery Clinic, #205, 2nd floor. Marvel Signet, Shirur Park, Hubballi, Contact: 9599854449

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