Hubballi / Dharwad

Want to experience a ‘moon walk’ then visit Manjunath Nagar main road.

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Hubballi: If you wish to stroll or ride your vehicle on the moon while still on Earth, go to Manjunath Nagar Main Road in the city.

The route linking Manjunath Nagar and Indipump via Anand Nagar would not disappoint you with its enormous craters resembling the moon’s surface.

Thank you to the Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation, district administration, and other government agencies for failing to fix the road and making it one of the worst roads of the twin cities.

Residents have forgotten when the road was last resurfaced with new bitumen. Residents in the region visit the garage on a frequent basis since the road is in such poor shape. The residents claim that they change their bike’s shock absorbers because of pothole-filled roads at least once a year.

The proposal to build the road had been in the works for a few years, but the work was put on hold. Hundreds of people who use this route to go about the city blame the authorities for not repairing it.

Shakti Adhoni, a Fatheshawali Nagar resident, claims that the road connecting Anand Nagar and Manjunath Nagar has not been repaired in several years. “We have no choice except to curse the officials and elected representatives,” he said.

Arvind Bellad, MLA of Hubballi-Dharwad (West), said that the road was to be developed long ago but due to some problem, the work did not take off, ” Now we have planned to take up this road work in three parts. In the first part, the road between Shakti Temple and Manjunath Nagar cross would be asphalted, in the second part, a road from Shakti Temple to Ghodke Petrol Bunk till leprosy hospital developed,” said Bellad.

“Our intention is to develop the Manjunath Nagar main road as Tender SURE Road but that will take time, for time being it will be asphalted and make it motorable,” he said.

The MLA said the leakage of water pipes was the main reason for the bad condition of this road and that will be fixed. He said in the next six months this road and the road connecting leprosy hospital from Ghodke Petrol Bunk will be developed.

Suresh Itnal, Commissioner of the HDMC, stated that road construction will begin shortly. He stated that he is aware of the road’s condition and that the work will begin immediately.

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