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Viral video: You might not have seen such stupidity in your life

A lion ripped off a zookeeper’s finger in Jamaica when he put his hand through the bars of the lion’s cage. The terrifying incident was captured on camera, in which the man can be seen anxiously trying to pull his hand away, but the lion continues to grab on.
The video shows a Jamaica Zoo guard inserting his finger inside a chain-linked cage in front of tourists. He approaches the lion as if he were playing with a cat. The zookeeper ignores the lion’s snarling and continues to tease and play with it. However, seconds later, the dangerous predator strikes and clamps its jaws around the man’s finger.

(Video credit and video shared by @Morris_Monye)

The man ultimately lost his ring finger. An eyewitness told the Jamaica Observer that the zookeeper was showing off to bystanders when things went horribly wrong. “I thought it was a joke when it happened,” the woman explained, adding, “I didn’t realise the significance of it because it’s their job to put on a show.”

She explained that when the man collapsed, everyone realised it was serious. The woman went on to say that the zookeeper’s entire skin and about the first joint of his finger were disappeared.

Jamaica Zoo in a separate statement said that the zoo is a safe place for both people and animals. It was claimed that the actions seen in the film were performed by a “contractor” of Jamaica Zoo. The occurrence was described as “tragic,” and the statement emphasised that the video does not represent the safety procedures and rules that must be followed at all times.

“It is a tragic situation that should never have happened,” the zoo stated, “and we – the family of Jamaica Zoo – are doing everything we can to assist the gentleman moving forward.”


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