Viral video: little girl falls out of a car window at a traffic intersection

Screen grab of the viral video

A horrifying video of a child falling out of a car window in China has gone viral on social media. According to the South China Morning Post, the event occurred at a traffic crossing in Ningbo, a city in eastern China just south of Shanghai. The footage shows the girl, who was leaning out the window from the rear seat, falling out as the car began to move. According to the SCMP, she was transferred to a nearby hospital and suffered only minor injuries.

The terrible occurrence was captured by a CCTV camera situated at the traffic intersection.

The video shows that cars lined up at a red light when a girl puts her head out of the passenger side window of a white car. The driver accelerates as the traffic light turns green. The girl then slips out of the window and lands on her front at the zebra crossing.

The motorist appears to be ignorant and begins to back up. She appears horrified and continues to weep until some motorists pull over to help carry the girl back to safety. As seen in the video, one of the locals swiftly approached the girl and grabbed her up, bringing her away from danger. Once the child was safe, the good Samaritans alerted the authorities, according to local news outlets.


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