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September 2023

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Viral Video Fallout: KIMS MBBS Students Face Suspension

Screen grab of the viral video allegedly shared by the KIMS

Hubballi: The Principal of Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), Dr. Ishwar Hosmani, has taken disciplinary action by suspending 15 second-year MBBS students. Their suspension comes in the wake of a viral video that allegedly depicted nurses in a derogatory manner and was shared through Instagram reels.

Dr. Hosmani confirmed the suspension to hubliexpress and stated that these students will remain suspended until the inquiry committee, established in response to protests from the nursing community, completes its investigation and submits its report.

Additionally, Dr. Hosmani mentioned that the students involved had promptly removed the offensive video from their social media account and had also posted an apology online.

The controversy erupted over an Instagram reel created by the MBBS students for the inter-college competition “Manthan.” Despite being rejected twice by the committee responsible for approving content for the event, one student uploaded the video on Instagram out of disappointment. The video quickly gained traction, drawing the ire of nursing staff who felt the video portrayed their profession negatively. The nursing staff filed a formal complaint with the Director.

Subsequently, nurses from various institutions converged at the Director’s office, demanding strong action against the students behind the contentious video. The situation became tense, prompting the intervention of the police to restore order.

In response to the escalating situation, Director Ramalingappa Antartani and other administrative officials of KIMS engaged in extensive discussions with nursing staff representatives. The outcome was the establishment of a committee tasked with evaluating the situation and recommending appropriate measures against the involved students.

Furthermore, organizations advocating for nursing rights also met with Director Dr. Ramalingappa, pressing for stringent action and preventative measures to avert similar incidents in the future.

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