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September 2023

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Villagers celebrate Holi violating Covid norms

Hubballi: As the Covid-19 pandemic second wave is raging and the wave is not showing any signs of slowing down, the administration and the government announced strict measures including a ban on unnecessary movement of the public, ban on holding meetings, functions and gathering only to flat the curve of the infection.

Many have lost their lives to the virus infection and lakhs are being treated at hospitals. The government is creating awareness on social distancing, frequently washing of hands, and wearing masks properly to curb the spreading of infection. But in Banahatti village in Gadag district, the villagers allegedly did exactly the opposite during an annual religious event, the villagers threw the Covid norms to wind and participated in the “Holi” celebration.

The videos of villagers allegedly playing “Holi” by splashing and throwing water against each other have gone viral on various social media platforms and the video has drawn strong criticism from the public. They expressed concern that the event will turn into a Covid s

uper spreader event.

Nargund Tahsildar AD Amarwadagi told Hubli Express that the villagers had organized the event without bringing it to the notice of administration.

Seal down for next four days

“All the officers including police rushed to the village. The entire village will be sealed down for the next four days, no one will be allowed to come outside. Only those having emergency work or to visit a hospital or to buy milk will be allowed to travel. The village has around 2,000 population, swabs of every villager will be collected and a case will be registered against the event organizers under the disaster management Act,” said Tahsildar.

Deputy Commissioner Sundresh Babu told that police, health department staff, revenue department officials are in the village, all the necessary preventive and containment measures have been taken.

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