Vijayapura: Siddheshwar Swamiji’s ashes will be immersed tomorrow

Vijayapura: Siddheshwar Swamiji

Vijayapura: The ashes of Siddheshwar Swamiji, who passed away on January 2, will be immersed in the river at Kudala Sangama and Gokarna tomorrow (Sunday), said an official communique from the Jnanayogashrama on Saturday.

In a release, the Ashrama officials said that the ashes of the Swamiji will be immersed in the holy river in Kudala Sangama around 7 a.m. and in Gokarna around 5 p.m. Sources said that the Ashram has not made any vehicle arrangements for the devotees, and those who want to witness the Asthi Visarjan (Ash immersion) can directly come to Sangam or Gokarna.

As per the wish of Swamiji, his mortal remains were offered to the flames, not to be buried. He also mentioned that no religious rituals were to be conducted, his ashes were to be immersed in a river or sea, and no monument or building was to be erected in his memory.

Siddheshwar Swamiji in Photographs

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