Video: This is how the dedicated HDBRTS corridor is being used

Screen grab of the video

Hubballi: The government created The dedicated corridor of the Hubballi-Dharwad Bus Rapid Transit System (HDBRTS) to encourage people to use public transport, reduce pollution, and reduce the travel time between Hubballi and Dharwad.

But the dedicated corridor is not serving its purpose; it is being misused by the police department and elected representatives, though the Hubballi Dharwad Police Commissioner had issued a notification banning the plying of private vehicles on this corridor. But his own department is not following the orders in the notification. Most of the policemen use the dedicated corridor to reach the commissioner’s office in Navanagar and return to their station.

Similarly, the corridor is being used by other government officials as well. Registration numbers bearing the G series number often use this dedicated corridor. Not only government officials but even elected representatives take this route to travel between these two cities.

Recently, one of our readers shared a video in which a policeman with a kid riding pillion was seen riding his motorcycle on the corridor. Not only that, while capturing his video, another policeman was seen going down the same corridor on his bike. The reader claimed that he shot the video near Rayapur.

Hubli Express contacted HDBRTS MD, and he said that they send the photographs of the illegal users of the corridor to the police commissioner’s office, and they generate a challan for illegally entering the dedicated corridor. His office shared some data, and it says they shared photographs of 56,046 vehicles that illegally used the corridor from January 21 to date.

Police Commissioner Labhu Ram said that they are penalizing the offenders who misuse the corridor and said will share the details of the fine amount collected and sought some time to share the details.

Recently, HDBRTS has appointed marshals to prevent the entry of private vehicles into the corridor but it looks like the effort is not yielding any effort.


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