Video: Soon, police will knock on the door of MLA Arvind Bellad’s home: Nagaraj Gouri

Nagaraj Gouri
Nagaraj Gouri

Dharwad: Congress leader Nagaraj Gouri has alleged that Hubballi-Dharwad (West) MLA Arvind Bellad is harassing Congress workers by misusing his power and directing the police to book the Congress workers who were not involved in the alleged incident of the burning photograph of Savarkar.

Speaking to reporters, Nagaraj Gouri alleged that, based on the direction of MLA Bellad, the police were visiting the Congress workers’ house in the wee hours, though they were not involved in it and were innocent. Bellad is targeting innocent and active party workers through the police to scare them. He is misusing his powers and position. It is just a matter of six months. “Congress will return to power, then the police will also knock on his door,” said Gouri.

Reacting to Nagaraj Gouri’s allegation, Arvind Bellad said he does not want to comment on his allegation. These are baseless allegations, he said.

Police book 12 Congressmen for burning Savarakar’s photo in Dharwad

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