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Video: police harassment, a man slits his forearms in Dharwad.

Dharwad: A man allegedly cuts his forearms with a blade in front of the Suburban police station in Dharwad, alleging that the police were harassed him badly and were demanding a bribe. According to sources, Manu was detained by police in connection with an inquiry into a fight that happened outside the Deputy Commissioner’s office on November 25.

Manu, who emerged from the station, allegedly wounded his forearms with a razor, stating that police had harassed him and demanded money from him.

The Suburban police claimed that they did not bring him to the station for an investigation and that whatever allegation he leveled against them was false. According to the police, he did not cut his arms in front of the station.

Police Commissioner Labhu Ram told www.hubliexpress.com that he has directed officers to investigate the incident and the claim. Ram insisted that the individual had not injured himself in front of the station. Whatever the event was, the police were asked to investigate. He stated that once additional details about the incident are available, the police will bring it to the attention of the media and the general public.

The man was admitted to a hospital and he is receiving treatment. The man was not available for comment.

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