Video of Kerala SI who heroically confronting a criminal with a machete goes viral

On Saturday, a 37-year-old Nooranad police station Sub-Inspector VR Arun Kumar in Alappuzha, Kerala, gained the praise of his seniors after heroically defending a criminal with a machete. The video of SI nabbing the accused who tried to attack him with the machete has gone viral and it is being widely being circulated. People are hailing his heroic efforts.
Arun Kumar followed a wanted criminal, who was on his scooter carrying a machete. Ellumvilayil Sugathan, 48, was the criminal. As soon as the criminal notices the police vehicle approaching, he pulls out his machete and assaults SI Kumar. During the fight, both of them tumbled to the ground, and the sharp object injured SI.
He didn’t let go of the culprit, eventually overpowering him and snatching his machete. The offender was apprehended by the SI and the police team, and Kumar was afterwards rushed to the hospital for treatment. Kerala police have posted a video of the attack on their Facebook page.

Video credit Kerala police

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