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September 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

Video: Narendra Modi fails to answer Shakir Sanadi’s questions

Congress leader Shakir Sanadi asking questions to a PM Modi's cutout regarding failure of his pet projects during a protest organized by the city district Congress on Tuesday.
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Hubballi: Congress leader Shakir Sanadi posed a few serious questions to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday, and Modi did not reply to his questions. Confused? Yes, you read it right.

Shakir Sanadi expressed some concerns about the Swachha Bharat campaign and asks him why he doesn’t speak to the media where he gives lengthy speeches during the election rally. Yes, all these questions he asked to a Modi cutout and mocked him for doing nothing since he was elected to power.

The Congress party workers have launched a series of protests in the city demanding better infrastructure which is deteriorating with each passing day. The Congress workers unloaded a tractor load of garbage on the premises of the Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation, drawing the corporation’s attention to the corporation’s never-ending garbage problem.

They placed a cutout of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in front of the rubbish and asked him questions as a part of the protest.

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Shakir claimed that Modi has turned into Moun Modi (Mute Modi), and that he has failed to keep the promises he made during the election. People voted for him with the expectation that he would give a good administration and bring about change, but he failed miserably.

Shakir said that garbage is not being cleaned in wards represented by Congress or non-BJP corporators. We want the HDMC to take notice of the corporators’ anguish and resolve the issue. He cautioned that the protests would continue until the government took serious actions to improve the Twin Cities’ status.

Congress City District President Altaf Halwoor, Vidyanagar Block Congress president Rajat Ullagaddimath, Nagaraj Gouri, Shajaman Mujahid, Arif Bhadrapur, Suvarna Kallakuntla, Senthil Kumar, Niranjan Hiremath and others were present.



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