Video: I am a minister, don’t you give me respect ?; Minister Sriramulu asks journalists


Ballari: “I work as a minister. don’t you give respect to me and be patient enough to listen to me. What can we do if you don’t have the patience to listen to me? Except for you, no one will do this “B Sriramulu, the Transport Minister, said these words when journalists interrupted him while he was speaking.

During a press conference on Saturday, Ballari journalists and Minister Sriramulu exchanged words. Minister Sriramulu once warned the media not to dictate to him, saying, “You people may be intelligent, but interrupting a minister when he is speaking is not good.”

What exactly is the issue? A few journalists interrupted the minister’s briefing on the Union Government budget, requesting that he not read the list and keep the briefing short. Following the intervention, both the minister and the journalists exchanged words.

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