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September 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

Video: Flames erupt in Hubballi’s Tenginkai Layout after a gas pipeline ruptures.

Hubballi: Panic gripped Tenginkai Layout residents after a corner of the area erupted in flames due to the rupture of a piped natural gas pipeline.

Residents in a state of fear dialled Indian Oil Adani Gas Limited personnel and the fire department. According to IOAGL personnel, the fire was put out in a matter of a few minutes.

Panicked residents rushed out of their homes and onto the street. People were concerned that it would explode, but the fire had been extinguished, according to one of the individuals.

According to Vinod Papal, Deputy General Manager of IOAGL, the fire was mild and no one was injured in the incident. It was quickly contained. Our team hurried to the scene and shut off the gas pipeline valve. We have no idea why this incident happened. However, preliminary investigations indicate that someone dug the area to lay the utilities, although it is unclear which agency dug the area, and that during that process, they broke the pipeline, and that after that, someone lit fire to the garbage, which caused the fire. “We’re looking into what happened,” he stated.

He also asked the agencies to notify them before digging the ground, so that the pipeline would not be damaged. He stressed that PNG is a highly safe gas that does not accumulate, eliminating the possibility of an explosion.

But eyewitnesses said that it was fire and emergency department personnel who doused the fire, it took half an hour. The demanded a case should be booked against the company officials, what if the fire spread to electricity wires or if vehicles were parked or what if the incident happened during night hours. The staff of the IOAGL came to the spot very late, if they have turned off the valve immediately, it could have contained in a few minutes, an eye witness informed

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