Video: A truck runs over people sleeping on the sides of the road in Hulagi town

Video grab of the accident

Koppal: A video of a truck running over people sleeping in front of a shop in Hulagi town, Koppal district, has gone viral.

The truck can be seen running over people in the video;  The video shows, few of them who were sleeping woke up to the sound and noise of the vehicle and a few try to avoid but, but the driver ran over a few of them. The van was transporting people. Tippanna, 75, a native of Nadavi village in the Ballari district, was killed on the spot in the accident. Mallamma, a Ballari resident, Hanumavva, a Kukanur resident, and Tukarama of Karatagi were also injured.

The incident occurred on Sunday night about 10.30 p.m., according to the complaint filed with Munirabad police, and all the victims were sleeping in front of a bangle store on the side of the road.

A truck driver named Srinivas, a resident of Yarangalli in the Ballari area, ran over them. According to reports, the driver was intoxicated and driving the vehicle recklessly. The accused has yet to be apprehended by the police.

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