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September 2023

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“Varuna, Badami, Kolar, and Chamarajpete I have a lot of options to contest the election,”: Siddaramaiah

SiddaramaiahPhoto courtesy Twitter account of Siddaramaiah

Belagavi: Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly, Siddaramaiah, has not yet decided from which Assembly constituency he will be contesting the election.

Speaking to reporters at the airport, Siddaramaiah said that there is lot of pressure from the Badami people to contest the next Assembly election from Badami, but since Badami is far away from Bengaluru, he was unable to give the time to the people of the constituency. “I am unable to visit my constituency once a week because of my busy schedule; as a representative, I need to meet them regularly and listen to their grievances and solve their problems, but due to my busy schedule, I really not able to give them my time, and my conscience is not agreeing to that,” he said.

He said that he is getting pressure to contest from Kolar, Varuna, Chamarajapete, and other constituencies. Siddaramaiah did not reveal from which constituency he is planning to contest.

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