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October 2023

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US: California Prepares for Tropical Storm Hilary

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As tropical storm Hilary wreaks havoc along Mexico’s Pacific coast, California readies itself for the storm’s impact. Baja California experienced the brunt of Hilary’s force, with 70 mph (119 km/h) winds causing a tragic fatality as a man tried to cross a raging stream in his vehicle. The storm is predicted to weaken as it heads north, targeting California for a Sunday arrival.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) issued a stern warning about Hilary’s potential to unleash “life-threatening” floods in the US and Mexico. Californians are preparing by fortifying their homes with sandbags to counter the anticipated deluge. The fear extends beyond property damage, as Long Beach resident Eugenie Adler highlights the risk of fatalities due to flooding.

Nearly 26 million people across the south-western US are under flood watch. Despite Hilary being downgraded to a Category 1 storm after weakening on Saturday, officials maintain their cautious approach.

The storm’s reach is extensive, with tropical-storm-force winds stretching up to 240 miles (390 km) from its core, according to the NHC. As California braces for a rare encounter with nature’s fury, the world watches and anticipates the outcome.

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